Xiaoxian stewed bird’s nest for millions of yuan Pre A round of financing led Zhou Hongyi

recently, Xiaoxian stewed bird’s nest won millions of yuan Pre-A round of financing, by the 360 founder Zhou Hongyi collar vote, 2049 funds, 36 shareholders to raise public investment krypton.


is a O2O mode Xiaoxian stew of fresh stewed bird’s nest electricity supplier brands, online by WeChat, Taobao, Jingdong, public order, provide city delivery services under the line, let the customer enjoy the most convenient and fresh fresh stewed bird’s nest. Support for personalized customization, for users to choose the delivery cycle, in order to meet the different needs of pregnant mother, sister, physiological period of female maintenance. If the Malaysia famous brand: Stewed bird’s nest nest canon as raw materials (the bird’s nest, Tongrentang supplier) user next day stew, and SF cold chain distribution. This does not add preservatives fresh stewed bird’s nest must be stored in refrigerated conditions, 7 days of shelf life.

at present, the market also appeared some "fresh stewed bird’s nest" products, in this regard, seedling tree said, most of the so-called "fresh stewed bird’s nest", is actually a "mad bird’s nest", namely the individual businesses had sales to the old customers in the bird’s nest nest private kitchen processing sales, and electronic business platform on many "fresh stew the bird’s nest" and there is no difference between instant cubilose canned, inevitably use some additives to extend the expiry date.

business catering sales inevitably damaged some of the consumer experience, at present, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Xiaoxian stew in Tianjin and three of the experience opened a catering shop, and in the line of salon held every Wednesday. Seedling tree said, in the first half of next year, will be in Beijing, Shanghai opened a little stew as user experience store, the next line of communication stronghold. There are more than ten Xiaoxian stew according to different age groups of users, to increase user stickiness.

round of financing after the completion of Xiaoxian stew will focus on brand promotion plan, combined with the relevant enterprises and institutions to promote the country’s development of the industry standard fresh stewed bird’s nest. On line, will be through a similar share this kind of silly pregnancy interesting topic to create more brand show. In addition, Xiaoxian stew in environmental protection has also been considered, in the promotion process will consciously emphasize "bird’s nest is not human for their plunder, but due to their habit, every three months will build a new nest, just abandoned the nest Yan agricultural collection and processing.

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