Soft Wen with soft map my masterpiece

Note: the following is my

for a classification of information site to do the soft effect better a. Soft with soft map.

Title: Fan Bingbing endorsement Shandong portal network, claiming to be the first beauty    

            as a recognized hometown first beauty, I have the honor to speak first in Shandong portal, I am honored, Mr. Sheng Qi (Qilu harbor CEO) very love me, and I thank you in here, and this can do something for the home…

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        recently, the Fan Bingbing endorsement of "Qilu information harbor" press conference, the beauty sexy Dixiong, attract many eyeballs, but his speech makes the site CEO Qi Sheng is not very satisfactory, but only change the attitude of Bing Bing himself, the reporter’s answer is still full for the endorsement activities of confidence, and claimed that did not think of, can attract so many journalists. The effect of the event for the carpenter born network entrepreneurs, he did not imagine.

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