Announcement on the website of the emergency treatment system

    the Internet access service operators, Internet information service providers: due to the recent web registration system problems, cause the system to run slowly, causing the majority of users can not be normal for the record, thus to bring customers the inconvenience apologize for the majority of users, please give understanding. In order to ensure the long-term success of the site filing work, I am on the filing system is being transformed, at this stage to start two emergency response measures:

      measures, has been submitted to the system, not through the audit record information, will give emergency treatment, the emergency treatment of the audit information system will be within one week of the bulletin according to the main points, released in batches, the convenience of the Internet access business, Internet information service providers in view, the Internet information service providers can be as filed by the proof requirements of Internet access business operators for the opening of the site. Information on the emergency handling of the audit will not be notified by e-mail Internet information service providers.

    two, recently as soon as possible to complete the preliminary transformation system, effectively enhance the system capacity, speed up the registration process, to improve the query speed, after the transformation of the system will be put into trial operation on September 20, 2007 outside. System test run, query and modify the original information system has been submitted for the record to the Internet information service provider can record information using the original user name and password filing system; Internet access business operators by distributing local communications administration by the main body of the new user name and password system to carry out filing work. During this period, any problems can be encountered on the hotline hotline (Tel: 95169001). Please the majority of users of the inconvenience caused by understanding, thanks to the support of our work. Id=441  (admin03;   commissioning editor)

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