Car home CEO Qin car vertical search opportunities


when the integrated search can not meet the needs of users, the value of vertical search will be revealed.

Qin Zhi, car home CEO

search engine is the original and the only purpose is to help users find the information they want, fast and accurate, who can help the user, who is the winner.

The original

search engine can be called "integrated search", the current mainstream foreign search is Google, China is Baidu, the earliest search is YAHOO predators. They grab almost all of the site’s information, the establishment of the database, and in accordance with certain classification and sort, the information will be displayed in accordance with the user’s search keywords.

Internet users now have more interesting changes in the search behavior, integrated search engine is no longer a panacea tool. For example, when users find housing, car and other information through Baidu or Google search professional real estate, car sites, and then use these search to obtain relevant information, or direct access to these vertical sites, use them to provide the "vertical search" to find the answer.

a number of industry vertical search products came into being, such as Ali’s Amoy, Youku’s search library, housing, etc.. Vertical search engine is the direct role of information aggregation and filtering to help users get more accurate information. By grasping the professional website information and according to certain rules, the results page will be reduced to a very targeted answer, so that the user’s search behavior becomes more accurate and efficient.

at present, China’s car ownership has exceeded 120 million, automotive Internet users are increasing year by year, by the end of 2012 has reached 258 million. Most of the potential car consumer groups will get information about the car through the Internet before buying a car. How to let the user in the vast amount of information to get the most want to do it?.

at present, automotive vertical search products exist only in the major automotive website. Many colleagues will doubt, will not appear independent of the entire network of search products? In my opinion, vertical search products must have, but may not necessarily cover the whole network. Based on a comprehensive, informative, reasonable classification of vertical web site search, will help users better.

automotive vertical search PK integrated search: victory

whether it is a comprehensive search or vertical search, search the most essential meaning is to help users faster, more accurate search information. When the integrated search can not meet the needs of the user, the value of the car will be revealed vertical search.

The vertical search engine

focus in the field of vehicles, car home search products currently covers, articles, forums, videos, columns and other users need most channels, and provide the Internet to buy a car, car, car and so on.

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