Ofo’s prisoner dilemma light or heavy stick or follow


ofo for his leaving a commercial paradox — or insist on doing bike sharing, or to become a follower of the v-mobile. Select the former can not be sustained in the city’s healthy operation, select the latter will not be able to face the sunk costs before.


is now wearing Wei (ofo shared bicycle founder and CEO) is very anxious, because now the music as the same, very short of money.

in October 10, 2016, he was not so urgently need money, because at that time he had just completed a C round of financing of $130 million, for a start-up company is set up for two years. It opened in 2017, two times closer to the non rational strategy announced after the money into the gate, according to industry sources, the ofo is wildly beating gongs and drums under a financing plan, but the situation is not optimistic.

money is not the reason, but the results reveal the "severity dilemma" model of development embarrassment, and lack of the founding team management experience, in the face of various management predicament can not start, for the future is expected to increase a layer of uncertainty.

all this has a self-evident risk for investors.


for sharing spirit

after 90 Dai Wei and his four partners in 2015 co founded the ofo shared bicycle, proposed a bike sharing for campus mode of.

said in an interview he said, we will be equipped with each bike on the license plate and shared hardware, you can achieve with the campus with the use, do not find a fixed parking pile." At this time, ofo called on teachers and students to transfer their bikes to ofo, that is, to join the "ofo sharing bicycle" agreement, in exchange for the free use of all shared bicycles. Ofo the bike all painted yellow in order to identify for the campus, which is the origin of "yellow".

but when the "yellow" is not smart, because does not have the function of positioning for vehicles by eyes, the lock is simple to each car fixed only password, that is to say if a student remember the car with a password, he can not pay for unlimited rides. This mechanism on campus innocuous, gave back planted the seeds.


trading losses always fast, Peking University, the National People’s Congress, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics and so on are appeared in the "yellow" figure, in April of that year has covered more than 20 colleges and universities in Beijing, the cumulative orders exceeded 1 million 500 thousand. Although the business logic is somewhat vague, but the name of "the spirit of sharing" banner, but from the perspective of campus from a free and closed mode, the flaw and why not? After all, sharing is the appeal of ofo.

unfortunately, such a call is being targeted by capital.

Angel round, Pre-A until now C round, >

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