Baidu webmaster platform high end salon XuZhou Railway Station search engine trends and information

A5 webmaster network news: November 7th, Baidu webmaster platform high-end salon opened in Xuzhou curtain. Xuzhou, located at the junction of Jiangsu, Shandong, Anhui Province, the salon Baidu Webmaster Platform invited the high quality of the site from the provinces., 52PK, video bus, by Sina, salon more than 30 sites gathered to listen to the relevant information of the latest Baidu search engine optimization Webmaster Platform brings, in-depth exchange of relevant problems in the work and experience.


salon, Baidu Webmaster Platform senior engineer Sun Quan explained the new trend of search engine "connecting people and information", throughout the development of search engine, through the directory to the text, text links to the process, and now or the future, search engines should be provided to the user association between knowledge and knowledge the user can directly from the search results page to find the real needs of Baidu, and Webmaster Platform "structured data" tool will be the only way which must be passed. The structured tool is divided into "structured data" and "data annotation" two forms, "structured data" by Baidu owners to submit the relevant data, the current support software, online documentation, data download and general quiz four types; "data annotation software support website, will soon open video website. In the future, structured data will be open to all categories, to submit to become more intelligent, let the site can receive timely feedback, the real people and direct information. Sun Quan also introduced the use of structured tools and common error operations. Sun Quan constructed a blueprint for the future search engine for the presence of the guests, users will be able to see a search results page to provide authoritative knowledge through the search engine, and can directly find the required information, until the realization of Baidu CEO Robin Li promised in the 2014 World Congress on Baidu – link people and services.

next Baidu webmaster platform expert Ji Dongqi combined with real cases and their own practical experience to share with you when the traffic anomaly when the webmaster how the investigation method. First, what is the "anomaly"? Baidu traffic anomaly refers to traffic from search engines fell more than 50%, and lasted for five day, the site through the three dimensions to identify exactly where the problem lies, which is mentioned in the article and method for detection of CDN, robots, IP/UA ban and site security is normal secondly, through the analysis of the page flow chart to help determine whether the site is Baidu punishment, there are other factors such as the chain surge, stitching the search results page may lead to abnormal traffic.

free exchange stage we fully discussed, Baidu Webmaster Platform to patiently answer the questions, the entire event lasted 4 hours, participants still feel enough.

2014 has come to an end, Baidu webmaster platform into the place and the station will not stop the pace of interaction, let me look forward to the next meeting together.

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