Beijing food and Drug Administration interviewed 9 Jinxiang medicine not illegal sale of drugs

for the recent media exposure of the Taobao website has not obtained the drug transaction services qualification to individual sales of drugs, Beijing drug administration announced yesterday, has recently interviewed 9 has made the Internet and drug transaction service qualification in Beijing City, the person in charge, the requirements of each site may not be illegal drug sales.

it is understood that in June this year, Taobao mall opened Medical Museum, said, introduction of Jiuzhou pharmacy Jinxiang pharmacy, pharmacy, happy people such as the first Meida pharmacy drug retailers. But Taobao did not get the qualifications for online sale of drugs, food and drug regulatory authorities in Zhejiang province were investigated and asked for rectification as soon as possible, Taobao.

it is understood that the introduction of drug retailers including Jinxiang pharmacy, and by the Beijing Golden Elephant pharmacy pharmaceutical chain limited liability company set up a "Golden Elephant Pharmacy online mall has qualified online sale of drugs. Municipal Food and Drug Administration related personnel, media reports after the incident, the Beijing Municipal Drug Administration to carry out supervision and inspection of the online mall, Golden Elephant pharmacy pharmacy network 9 home made Internet drug information and transaction services for the website, and the main shopping sites were monitored, not found in the above illegal websites in the Internet and drug trading activities.

in order to further standardize the city’s Internet drug transaction, the food and Drug Administration recently interviewed include online shopping mall, Golden Elephant Pharmacy Beijing pharmaceutical net, 9 drug sales site responsible person, to convey the relevant provisions of the illegal sale of drugs, and informed of the investigation bureau and the relevant national provinces on alleged unlicensed drug website.

stressed that the food and drug administration, to provide Internet and drug transaction services to individual consumers of the enterprise, must have the Internet and drug transaction services qualification certificate, shall not conduct transactions through unauthorized third party transaction website, not through its own website to provide Internet and drug transaction services for other enterprises of the enterprise to the outside. The food and drug administration also said that drug information internet drug information service website published must be lawful, scientific and accurate.

recently, the drug administration department will further increase the intensity of monitoring of Internet drug information and transaction service website, strengthen to have access to the Internet and drug transaction site supervision qualification, the existence of illegal activities in online transactions, once discovered, will be severely.

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