FTA issued a negative list foreign investors ban nternet cafes and news sites



technology news (Le Tian) September 30th news, the Shanghai Municipal People’s government today announced the introduction of foreign investment access special management measures in Shanghai free trade zone within the industry, involving 18 industry categories, including a ban on investment to open Internet cafes and news website.

relates to the technology industry negative list includes: in addition to the app store, investment management and other information services business of the foreign investment ratio does not exceed 50%; foreign investment proportion of investment operation of the domestic Internet virtual private network services shall not exceed 50%; banned investment news website, network audio-visual program service, Internet service establishments, Internet culture business (music except).

in addition, the negative list, not to directly or indirectly engaged in online game service; in addition to investment in electronic commerce management, foreign investment shall not exceed the proportion of 55%, foreign investment proportion of investment management and other online data processing and transaction processing business shall not exceed 50%; prohibited investment Internet data center business.

reported yesterday, Chinese listing (Shanghai) free trade test area, there were in the listing ceremony including Shanda, Microsoft, SAIC, Zhengda iron, and other domestic and foreign enterprises was awarded the first batch of "business license" fta.

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