Local life service homogeneity classification information website mobile terminal fierce competition

webmaster Admin5.com10 Sept. 12, as the first batch of classified information website, Ganji, 58 city this year the day is not easy. Executive turnover, financing crisis, false information, the abolition of group purchase business. Not only competitive, all kinds of rumors and pessimism has been shrouded in the two companies. It should be said that the classification information website has experienced many years of development not only entered a mature period, but also faces a bottleneck period. Especially the development of PC terminal, several classified information website has reached 10 million level flow levels, but has the development potential is obviously insufficient, from this year’s fair and the 58 city increasing advertising can be seen, the capital chain can not keep up, the profit model is not clear, classified information website are hoping to get more traffic through the search engine and traditional media platform.

local life service homogenization serious mobile terminal into a breakthrough

        PC 58 end of the fierce competition, with the gap between market is not obvious. Relatively speaking, from 58 to more than the market revenue may flow. But in terms of financing, the market has announced this year end of the four round of financing, while the 58 has been funding strand breaks rumors in the promotion, also has been cut into. In the case of the Internet giant to control the horizontal service market, the classification of information sites will be more focused on the eyes of the vertical localization services market. However, in the localization of life services market, the traditional classification of information sites are also facing the public comment, such as the threat of localized QQ lifestyle food service review site. But compared at 58 city, go to the market, the public comment network home can be found that both the catering, travel booking services, coupons, not much difference between the search results. Buy price, discount, user evaluation, user experience, the quality of information, each site has its own characteristics, but also have the same homogeneity. Confusion on the user’s choice, the homogeneity of service competition, so that the localization of life services in the PC side is difficult to find a breakthrough.

face the bottleneck of the PC side, the current development of the mobile Internet is to provide a new breakthrough in the localization of life services. At present, the market of 58, the public comment have the layout of the mobile terminal, launched various types of mobile applications. Especially ganji.com has launched a "market", "love", dating app recruitment application "go to the market to work through" and "ants short rent" four mobile app. Currently the localization of life services mobile traffic to catch up with the trend of PC traffic. The mobile side of the competition is more difficult to fight and accurate data. User evaluation, late operations, search results, data authority, business resources to become the main battlefield of each site competition. At present, the market, public comment ahead of a mobile application, and 58 city started late, to catch up with the need time. The rise of WeChat, QQ food, Baidu maps and other emerging mobile terminals, but also to the localization of life service platform injected new ideas.

vertical, localization is still classified letter

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