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Internet because of its network has a synergistic effect, can form a long tail potential. To the potential energy savings Liaoyuanzhishi, will undoubtedly help a large number of subscribers. So numerous Internet bigwigs will talk about the user is king". The development of the Internet has been nearly twenty years of history, the phenomenon emerge in an endless stream application, one of the twenty million fans for a platform in terms of what that means? Network synergies of the potential energy of the

how much?

indeed has hundreds of domestic one billion internet users, twenty million fans for an Internet platform is not a matter of how worth showing off, but if the Internet plus a financial quantitative "Internet plus finance", then the twenty million fans can be extraordinary significance, twenty million in Internet financial net loans, Internet banking and other fields, its influence may like the social field, the field of WeChat group purchase group. With the recent IPO pleasant loans as an example, the number of users is 4 million, the valuation of logic is in accordance with the financial logic, it is self-evident supremacy and nine rich up to 20 million fans in the same base of Internet financial platform in the field. In the increasingly standardized, supervision of Internet banking, P2P advertising channels increasingly limited industry background, mining secret Jiufu tens of millions of fans, it is particularly important to


fun fans Economy: marketing and brand human


was founded in 2006, nine rich, is the first batch of Internet financial enterprises, but also pay attention to the "fans economy" Internet Co. The very characteristic of the brand the nickname "mobile finance big brother". On the one hand, due to its "Wukong financial" high reputation and high growth, on the other hand, fans are very friendly, full of positive energy and a sense of security. Relying on the marketing and brand virus humanization strategy, Jiu Fu’s financial Wukong with a WeChat public line number day volume that is broken million, the seventh day volume one-day break 10 million; twenty-third days, the cumulative volume of over 1 hundred million…… Since only more than a year, has more than 10 million fans, monthly turnover exceeded 10 billion, Jiu Fu has a path through the fans exceeded 20 million mark.

nine rich in marketing and branding perhaps as world advertising master Leo · he said: "reaching for the stars, even though in vain, nor cause the primary sludge." Then, perhaps with a nine rich founder and CEO Sun Lei’s words: "as long as we all love fans". Internet financial products are the most crucial factor is the core of risk control, nine rich through 9 years of financial experience accumulated in the risk control and safety control technology and other aspects to lay a solid foundation. Based on security, nine rich dad where to go "at large on the 3" interactive advertising, is to take the popular show their fans fans become rich jiu. Nine rich star fans marketing successfully with Pan Shiyi, Jason Jiang et al visibility, to let them experience through.

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