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Sun Weimin, vice chairman of



technology Zheng Jun from the bottom of the U.S. Silicon Valley

sina science and technology news Beijing time on November 21st morning news, Suning yesterday in Silicon Valley Palo Ato (Palo Alto) to set up the first overseas R & D center, to further promote the transformation of Suning to the Internet retail. Su Ning, vice chairman of Sun Weimin, followed by a variety of media interviews, including Sina Technology, including. He stressed in an interview, the establishment of the Silicon Valley Research Institute is an important step in the expansion of Suning overseas, Suning Internet transformation is part of the road, while recruiting high-tech talent is the most important purpose.

Suning said

chairman Zhang Jindong before the opening ceremony, Suning Silicon Valley Research Institute will search, big data and high performance computing and other cutting-edge technology, and explore the future business model as the main research direction; through the world’s advanced technology and business technology trend analysis and research, provide the impetus for Suning long-term strategy development and market competition.

Sun Weimin said that with the transformation of the way the Internet is more and more thorough, Suning found as an Internet retailer, the underlying architecture requires a set of Internet, so companies need to introduce the best technical talents. But he believes that the excellent talents in this area is still relatively scarce, so Suning decided to go to Silicon Valley to set up the Institute, to absorb the world’s best talents, the innovative talents of Suning’s business needs and the organic combination of the surrounding Silicon Valley.

Sun Weimin said that in the long run, there are three main types of Su Ning Institute of Silicon Valley talent introduction and work: first of all, Suning Silicon Valley Research Institute of more than 90% of the employees are from the local recruitment, to attract the best talent from Silicon Valley; secondly, also the Silicon Valley Research Institute and IBM, SAP and Microsoft other American Technology Corp cooperation projects, the establishment of the joint laboratory, there will be domestic staff engaged in short-term project cooperation; thirdly, Suning will be related to the acquisition of innovative companies and technology by way of capital, and Silicon Valley Research Institute will engage in the work of.

he stressed that the Silicon Valley Research Institute is an important part of Suning to expand overseas, overseas investment and international development strategy, but this kind of development is different from the past, Suning in Hongkong and Japan through acquisitions into the market. Silicon Valley Research Institute is mainly for search, big data and high performance computing and other aspects of research; Suning is not intended to set up stores in the United States, perhaps the future will be considered, but at least before 2017 is so.

in addition to the Silicon Valley Institute, Suning also plans to set up R & D institutions in New York and Seattle. Sun Weimin said that there is no specific timetable, but Suning will continue to promote the project in accordance with specific research projects and cooperation. But he also put forward his own plan: Seattle R & D institutions may mainly be used as Suning and Microsoft’s Cloud Computing Technology Cooperation Department, New York departments will be mainly engaged in financial services, Suning Beijing R & D center will conduct research > social media and implantable applications

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