A dozen years ago with QQ MSN the YAHOO on an equal footing will be closed in August

Tencent science and technology news in the PC Internet era, YAHOO is undoubtedly the overlord, in the field of computer chat, YAHOO Messenger (Yahoo) was the first in the United States, the world’s leading. However, in the mobile Internet era, YAHOO’s chat service has not been able to keep up with the times, Snapchat, WhatsApp and so far behind in the back.

According to foreign media

latest news, YAHOO announced the day before, the old version will be closed from August 5th through YAHOO products.

YAHOO is one of the world’s first computer chat tools, was born in 1990s, in the product logo in the huge Y represents YAHOO. Statistics show that in 1990s, YAHOO has been ranked first in the United States PC chat market. Even in the Chinese market, YAHOO through many years of development has many users.

according to the U.S. science and technology news website VentureBeat reported that YAHOO spokesman said that YAHOO shares in the stock traders and the Asia Pacific region has a large number of old users.

data show that in 2000s, YAHOO has been very active in the Chinese market, and Tencent QQ, Microsoft MSN compete for market share. Zhou Hongyi, who was responsible for YAHOO’s business in China that year (micro-blog) and even put forward, YAHOO and even able to rewrite the pattern of China’s instant messaging market.

YAHOO announced that from the beginning of August 5th, YAHOO will close the service, users can not log in, chat, can not use third party tools to send information through the interface.

YAHOO this move will affect YAHOO through Windows, apple MAC, Android phones, iOS devices on a large number of users.

but need to point out that, although the closure of the YAHOO pass, but YAHOO will not completely launch the chat market. By the end of last year, YAHOO has launched a new chat tool Messenger, and YAHOO while providing services to the outside world.

future, YAHOO this Messenger tool, will become the only chat service. Allegedly, this tool uses a new technology development, the main focus on the smartphone side of the user, you can also support computer users through the web version, YAHOO mailbox to chat inside.

along with the full replacement of the mobile Internet PC Internet, YAHOO’s various products along with YAHOO portal, there has been a decline. In the emerging mobile chat market, YAHOO has largely been forgotten. In the global market, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, China WeChat, Japan Line, Korea KakaoTalk, apple iMessage, as well as Snapchat, Instagram and other tools, has been fully dominated the market.

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