Nanchang Baowang won the 30 million risk investment

webmaster October 9th afternoon news sources to the Admin5 station network revealed that Nanchang Baowang has confirmed that 30 million yuan of investment risk, the investor is Tellhow Polytron Technologies Inc Nanchang Baowang will hold a press conference on October 22nd, the disclosure of specific investment details.

It is reported that

treasure network was founded in 2006, is the first to the residents of the city of Nanchang through the network to provide classified information exchange services, due to the convenient website function and attentive service by users welcome, become the main local Internet service products. From the beginning of 2009, Baowang user requirements, the transition to local comprehensive community life website to provide high-quality personalized service, the registration number reached 1 million, with over 2 million visitors a day, has become the life service website of Jiangxi province.

as a local classification information service website to obtain such a high risk investment in the domestic for the first time, with Chinese Internet applications will enter the fourth stage – the arrival of life in the Internet era, more and more excellent local life website will be in favor of risk investment.

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