Travel websites play trick Travel LV domain name as user loss

renamed China ( August 30th news, domestic and foreign tourism market hot spawned a variety of types of tourism websites, according to the needs of different users, the name of tourism website and domain name service with appropriate content, and strive to talent shows itself in the same industry.

in the domestic top 50 travel websites, related to the domain name travel, Lvyou and English words pinyin "tour" homophonic letter U is the most popular. 50 travel sites, Pinyin domain name and the combination of domain names accounted for each of the 15, and the names of these 30 sites and tourism, travel, outdoor and other words related. Secondly, the English domain name and the letter domain name are 6, and the digital domain name and the domain name of each of the two class 4.

Pinyin domain love LV where the domain name dispute bumpy

where to go online in May 2005, called the world’s largest Chinese travel platform, in November 2013, successfully listed on the Nasdaq stock exchange. But its domain name was controversial, but also a cottage to which network ( To the third appeal in December 2011, only a year and a half after the domain name From the particular to the domain name, and where the network ( of the domain name dispute, go where the network domain name is not a smooth road. Upon inquiry, the domain name website PR value of 7, IP site daily (monthly average) was 726000, the average daily PV (monthly average) 8712000.

provides booking services of tourist products, web enabled tuniu Larry domain line. Last September, announced a $60 million D round of financing. According to the official website of the data, has successfully served a total of more than 4 million trips. Upon inquiry, the domain name PR value is 7, IP site daily (monthly average) was 1098000, the average daily PV (monthly average) 2196000.

is enabled CN domain name suffix wasp nest as the official domain name, domain name protection and 2012 mafengwo today the capital financing of $5 million, $15 million B round of financing for second years, will focus on mobile tourism products to APP. Upon inquiry, the domain name PR value is 7, IP site daily (monthly average) was 849000, the average daily PV (monthly average) 5094000.

to the network is the world’s largest tourism site TripAdvisor China’s official website, in 2009 enabled the domain name formally launched. To the network to the main tourist destination hotel and restaurant reviews, and every day after the review staff review, more reference value. According to A>

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