Double eleven net sales or equivalent to a traditional department store a year performance

day online shopping promotion today staged, the line department store in advance to compete for customers, express the opportunity to raise prices

to a year, double eleven, the electricity supplier and Internet users have become a routine Carnival day, the major online shopping malls have played a 90 percent off cap or fold on the signs to attract consumers. It is expected that this day the cat Taobao sales to break through 30 billion yuan, other large and small business plus, the online shopping sales to more than 40 billion yuan, equivalent to a large traditional department work one year results.

the face of the huge impact of online shopping, even though the department stores under the line are unwilling, but also had to break the traditional off-season, to join the ranks of the ranks of the sales rush. Although there are low-cost killer and a variety of innovative experience activities to win popularity, but in the future, the Department industry still admits the whole industry will enter a period of adjustment.


online shopping accounted for social

retail sales will exceed 10%

(reporter Xue Song) thanks to the double eleven successful marketing, online shopping sales explosive growth in recent years. November 11, 2009, Taobao Mall (now changed to Tmall) to complete the transaction amount of 52 million yuan. Last year, this figure was refreshed to 19 billion 100 million yuan.

many electricity supplier forecasts, this year’s double eleven during the order or increase 2~3 times. Alibaba chairman Ma Yun said that this year, double eleven sales are estimated to exceed 30 billion yuan, which means that Tmall’s sales in the hundreds of times reversed in five.

was originally a

line retail gap periodWhy choose

online shopping promotions in the day to this day? Taobao mall team said, this day in November 11th, mainly because of the air current is just the retail line, the original Tmall CEO Zhang Yong (now Ali group COO) said: "before the National Day golden week, after the Christmas season, November is not what traditional activities and then, the changing seasons, the weather is just cold when consumers shopping demand is strong."

this year from 1 to September, the Ministry of Commerce to monitor the focus of retail enterprises in the 3000, online shopping grew by 34.7%. Expected in the first three quarters of online retail sales will reach $1 trillion and 300 billion, has reached the level of 2012. The industry predicts that if the eleven quarter, including the promotion of the second half of the fourth quarter, the total amount of this year’s online shopping will be close to $2 trillion. Sales are expected to account for more than 10% of China’s total retail sales of social consumer goods this year.


shopping malls will be difficult to reproduce the fire scene

(reporter Lin Xiaoli) on Friday, Guangzhou, a number of department stores have launched a large-scale promotion in advance to deal with the impact of double eleven online shopping. Although there are low-cost killer and a variety of innovative activities to experience popularity, but the mall every fold will fire scene has been difficult to reproduce, industry experts believe that the future of department stores contraction phenomenon to happen from time to time.

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