Net sales of CASO watches difficile true small workshops spread

five days ago, leader Li Guoqing is still the micro-blog for the Taiwan Pavilion on-line comments, but recently because of genuine goods at a fair price "sales of counterfeit Casio was again pushed to the opinion in the teeth of the storm.

according to CCTV "weekly quality report" report, Beijing consumers Lee bought a Casio EF-543D-1A in, due to problems with the Casio Inc inspection, after the test, together with the 3 Casio CCTV reporter purchased from were identified as fakes.

"This was traced to the sale of fake

Dangdang is not the case." AI media consulting CEO Zhang Yi on the first financial daily said.

brand licensing price mystery

"is to seize the consumer buying mentality, it can take advantage of the seller." Senior electricity supplier Gong Wenxiang told reporters that take foreign trade B2C, basically rely on fake start, even genuine 1/3 or even the price of 1/5, manufacturers have a lot of profit margins.

reporter inquiries found that a model of CASIO watches BEM-302L-7AV neutral price in the Jingdong, the mall is 927 yuan, CASIO official price 1090 yuan, a model for the BEM-501L-1AV men’s watch, the Jingdong store sold 1182 yuan, the official price of 1390 yuan. While some of Casio’s price is also cheaper than a discount, the Jingdong store, priced at MTP-1192A-1A men’s watch model is 269 yuan, in CASIO’s official website, this watch is priced at 548 yuan, the price for the MTP-1192A-7A men’s watch model is 248 yuan, the official price of 548 yuan. In the face of the same product with the same quality assurance businesses, consumers can only compare the price.

Gong Wenxiang appears in the existing commodity form two kinds of domestic electricity supplier channels: one is not authorized, but from other channels to enter the business platform of the regular products, the smuggled goods channel is no harm to the consumers themselves, and for the brand manufacturers to have great influence; the second form is a high imitation products. The Dangdang sale of Casio, the official did not explain the source of their goods. CASIO said that CASIO is currently in Chinese only authorized network of four sales points, respectively is the Oriental Shopping, Taobao on the CASIO store, international, rafter fruit, purchased from other sites on the Casio, the company can not guarantee is genuine.

is a specialized in watch online sales insiders told reporters that now authorized the basic game, to get the European watch in addition, even if the same is a brand of authorized dealer, it is difficult to distinguish the true from the false, and some said they were from the two agents get down, some say their own sales channels in overseas direct sales in domestic market. Online price is not a uniform, many are looking at the market price."

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