B2C e commerce thinking clear is very important

"how bold people, how much production" this sentence is believed to be a lot of friends are familiar with, this is a specific product in the process of national development. This sentence seems to have been unable to keep up with the pace of the times, but I still have to mention here. For each industry, the first pioneers are basically adhering to this sentence into the true saying make snap a strange new industry. Following with the development of the industry, this method was dash way gradually quit the stage of history, instead of the enterprise management system, so we must say that today the electronic commerce.

in China, the development of e-commerce is also a lot of fierce people, of course, some of the industry has become a metamorphosis of the elite, and even a spiritual leader. They also accumulated a lot of experience on the road of their own development, regardless of success and failure for the latter left a small fortune. At the same time, their ten years of enduring efforts have also trained tens of millions of Internet users to consumer behavior, so that online shopping has become a popular way of life, we are here to thank them for their contribution to China’s e-commerce.

well, then the author of "B2C e-commerce business" to talk about some of his own ideas, hoping to be helpful to everyone. In the early days of the entrepreneurial team is very important to start a strong nature, after solving this problem we will encounter the following two key links.

first, hard indicators: goods, warehousing and logistics, technology platform

two, soft indicators: marketing, quality of service

: goods can be divided into two kinds, one is the real "real" goods, if they have the manufacturing capacity, profit can be effectively guaranteed, but in fact most of the B2C companies do not have this ability, a large extent is the brand enterprises in the Internet channel; on the other one is to feel "information" goods, such as Ctrip, eLong and other air ticket booking, hotel service is actually the information goods.

Logistics: this can be said to be the largest part of the mandatory spending, whether you are built and the selection of the third party, will have a greater proportion of the cost; as if the net sales agents, the headquarters shipping form to complete logistics links, so it can avoid the huge expenses in a certain period of time, to win time for the development of enterprises.

technology platform: this part is nothing more than the front end (consumers can browse part) and back-end (enterprise can manage part). At present, the industry is using more business e-commerce platform provided by ShopEx to achieve front-end and back-end display, coupled with UFIDA ERP and professional call center around technology application.

marketing: the usual way is to make the advertising industry, through continuous trial and error, precision marketing through the Internet to get consumers. Of course, there are some people through their own line of resources to carry out some marketing push

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