Millet opened the official website promotion millet 4 and lower 200 only 1499 yuan

[TechWeb] we reported before in panic buying millet millet official website booking Note? That kind of cool acid feel very memorable, but now not only millet Note Standard Edition is free reservation open to buy millet 4, and several popular models with sale, how can the Fulimi fans miss



Lei Jun has said millet mobile phone up completely in the production capacity, will gradually open to buy each product. We can see on the official website of millet, millet mobile phone 4 now straight down 200 yuan, sold 1499 yuan; the red rice 2A straight down 100 yuan, sold 499 yuan; rice Note straight down 100 yuan, sold 699 yuan, although the price range is not big but also the price is quite high.

millet TV and other products will also be 6.18 in the official website of millet promotional activities, New Millet router and other new products will also be on the day of the beginning, interested friends can go to see.

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