n this land of new smart city mayor Summit Forum Seminar

"three mountains, four transparent", "xiadou, Jun, Yaodu," three in one ""……

, vice mayor of Yuzhou city He Changcheng with these words will be introduced to all participants sketched out a comprehensive, three-dimensional map of Yuzhou city.


October 17th evening 10 points, the new wisdom of the City Summit Forum Forum officially began, the meeting was chaired by Zhang Jianchun, deputy director of Tianjin Institute of intelligent information technology.

vice mayor introduced the overall situation of Yuzhou City, as well as future planning, especially for three months to set up a "big data management and Industrial Promotion Bureau", this is the first large data Bureau of the county city, large data bureau is also the location of the most clear and most complete function. At the same time, Yuzhou city also play the advantages of the government, combined with market resources, the establishment of the wisdom of the District, the introduction of high-tech companies, focusing on the development of local industries. Vice Mayor pointed out that the development of big data industry in Yuzhou must adhere to the two principles, one must rely on the existing industrial characteristics of Yuzhou, the two must be market-oriented operation. The government provides policy guidance, play a role in the market, and actively promote the development of Yuzhou characteristic industries. After the introduction of the advantages of Yuzhou, where the vice mayor also clearly puts forward some problems facing Yuzhou: one is the lack of talent, the two is the lack of support platform, the three is no big channel, four is the future development direction of Yuzhou is what. And hope that the participants of the experts and entrepreneurs combined with the situation in Yuzhou, give reasonable advice to jointly build the next big data industry in Yuzhou, a big gap.

after listening to the introduction of the deputy mayor, all participants were deeply impressed by his dedication and professionalism, and attracted by the investment environment in Yuzhou, have said they would go to Yuzhou to study investment.

Henan City branch of wisdom wisdom medical team leader Feng Liangcai spoke first, he introduced the group of medical wisdom in grading diagnosis work, and to share in the case of Xinzheng, landing in Jiyuan, the relevant departments hope and the city of Yuzhou for docking, combined with Yuzhou Yaodu advantage, put the work into medical wisdom implement the service of the people of Yuzhou. Deputy mayor also said on the spot is very welcome to visit the Yuzhou team leader, and arrange the relevant departments docking.

subsequently, the national work group leader Liu Shouwen said that the deputy mayor of the introduction is very specific and very three-dimensional. He said that we used to talk about "science and technology is the first productive forces", with the development of science and technology, the progress of the times, and now from a certain point of view, we can say that the practice of wisdom will be the first productive forces". To develop the county level units, we must give full play to the characteristics, strengthen the characteristics, to seek a breakthrough. Based on the advantages of Yuzhou herbal medicine distribution center, from the norms of the trading market, innovative trading model, to form a template to establish a national benchmark city.

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