Reverse the development of electricity providers get together line shop

Internet tide swept under the store in the electronic business platform under the impact of most seem terribly fatigued when people think, and when the store has to end, more and more electricity supplier has started online layout. Recently, Amazon, Dangdang as the representative of the electricity supplier platform began to lay down the layout of the physical bookstore. In addition, as the music, the red child mother and child, Taobao’s well-known clothing shops are also open online store. Expert analysis, the sense of experience driven electricity supplier to open the store must be the trend, but the line should pay attention to the store to provide good services to attract users to return online purchase.

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electricity providers have opened the store line

last month, the electricity supplier giant Amazon’s first physical bookstore AmazonBooks landed in Seattle. The first person at the bookstore network, after the competition and entities Bookstore 20 years later, suddenly turn to open stores.

public information, this Amazon Bookstore looks and shoppingmall common physical bookstore is not much difference. Most of the stores are the most popular books on Amazon’s official website. In addition, there are Kindle, Amazon Tablet PC equipment for consumers to experience the use of.

November 25th, the domestic online bookstore also announced that the next 3 years, will open 1000 line bookstores nationwide. It is understood that Dangdang will take the lead in the opening of the first bookstore in Changsha, including Mall stores, supermarket bookstores, county bookstores and other types, equivalent to a cultural complex.

in fact, the practice of opening the store online electricity supplier, not isolated cases. In addition to the book industry, such as music, red child mother and child, Taobao clothing brands on the platform are also open online store.

in April this year, the music as LePar super partner summit, Zhang Zhiwei, vice president of music holding group has said that this year will open 3000 stores under the line. Now, the plan is almost complete.

earlier acquisition of red child electricity supplier Suning group has said it will be based on maternal and child consumption characteristics, the rapid expansion of the national ecosystem of children’s stores nationwide. It is understood that this store is different from the previous maternal stores, store planning will be fully transformed into experience, entertainment, shopping based O2O store business model. In November 10th this year, is located in Tongzhou District, thirtieth children’s physical store opened, set the children’s Park, infant SPA Museum, children’s manual DIY area, mother and child room as a whole.

in addition, many network brand famous in the Taobao online, such as AFU oil, Liebo clothing, Yin man women, have also set up shop online.

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to meet the needs of the user experience under the line

for the reasons for the creation of the physical bookstore, Dangdang told reporters that this comes from two

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