Summarize the main methods of the promotion of relief websites

with the development of the Internet, now more and more enterprises to transfer business slowly on the Internet, e-commerce will become a trend in the future, as a webmaster, can obviously feel that the network brings to life change, but on the other hand, the competition is extremely cruel, so only have their own strategies network marketing, to have their own core competitiveness and sustainable development, today I own a combined work experience to share some basic promotion relief website, hoping to give some enlightenment to some webmaster can not start.

first content should be in place

this kind of website is different from the general personal website and advisory station, more important is to let customers see the content of the website, the content can only produce value, of course, the real value or need cooperation in reality, but the site as a window, plays a vital role, this kind of website the content must be real reflected, if the content is original or acquisition, so when customers to the phone we do? So, the only update their content, sometimes, especially in the beginning, although the content is very small, but there is no way, can only bite the bullet and update, but from the side to expand, let the limited products produce more relevant value. But in the update, compared to some of the information or to take advantage of the site, after all, is the real product, the picture and the attribute list up over finished work, do not have new content and too much worry about where to find.

then the image is better

website image must be placed in a very important position, since it is a type of enterprise site, then an image is very important, as the saying goes, the tailor makes the man, so is a good website, the website can let customers instantly find the sense of identity and trust, so the conversion rate is there are a lot of relative increase. Of course, the image of the website is not only rely on the website made after external style, more important is the overall tone, the site layout structure, website usability, web site open speed and other aspects, if a website using flash structure, but open a web page for a few minutes, then the customer is determined to wait for this time? In addition, if you want a very stable IT website, and the overall use of non mainstream style color, then gives the feeling of what is like? So these little things and do not represent is not important, sometimes these annoying little things and influence the overall situation.

keyword and long tail word ranking

this would not have I wordily, keywords and long tail words are to a good ranking of the transactions is based, not many people see no order to clinch a deal. For a general enterprise, may do promotion and industry members of the site, there may be made some other paid advertising, of course, these will play a good role, but if not this, then you must.

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