Operators need to prepare for the 5 elements of the marketing website


with the development of science and technology, mechanization technology popularization and application in Chinese, on behalf of the palletizing robot as a mechanical machine, it is developed rapidly. The rapid development of the Internet, but also for the stacking machine so that the line of traditional enterprises to bring more broad space for development. The Internet has become synonymous with the twenty-first Century, a variety of network technology and people’s lives are closely related. At present most of the stacking machine company has set up their own website. On the official website of palletizing machine made by our company. Take for example, the enterprise website is divided into the enterprise website and marketing website, website of the palletizing robot we do have a double meaning, instant website is also marketing station. Because our business is mainly stacking machine such as compared to the single product, the main operating a good website. Here we talk about the operation of corporate marketing sites need to note several elements:

1 to improve the site and search engine friendly

we need to consider the palletisers website search engine optimization technique in the construction, in the understanding of search engine’s included rules, in the layout of the palletizer website. Mainly from three aspects to the optimization, including website optimization, website and content optimization, optimization of these two aspects like the external and inner beauty, only the two beauty is the real beauty. Again is very important links in the United States if a person does not know how to sell yourself, this is not just indulge in self-admiration.

2 company image website and the function of the marketing website

in general, the image of the enterprise website and marketing website is separate, but our company because of manpower and other reasons, the main is to create a website with palletizer website, then this site will have two functions of corporate image and website marketing website. How to establish two-way functions such as palletizing robot http://s.www.fujiyusoki.com.hk/ website? To understand the image of the site and marketing Station characteristics, combining the characteristics of both, in order to marketing focus, build a meet the two functions of the palletizer website.

3 to meet the user experience

whether it is to show the corporate image or marketing website, there is a common point that is to meet the user experience. The person in charge of the stacker website said, do palletisers sites such as the most important thing is to be able to seize the psychological needs of users, allowing users to feel the genuineness of affordable, natural can let the user take the initiative out of pocket. In doing promotional activities, should apply real and legal means, in order to obtain any user trust for the purpose of despicable means will eventually be abandoned by the user, this approach is tantamount to self destruct corporate brand reputation, corporate image.

4 site to do PFP

customers will buy the stacking machine is the foreground we trust our company, but when the user first purchase palletisers us, then this letter.

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