QQ users based on the essence of the QQ group to promote the essence of Technology

don’t ask why they do it, why do that?. They do, and has been doing so, naturally have their reason, that is to make money. Do not look down on any simple action, no one is a fool, but no one to do some meaningless and do not make money, this is the reality of the existence of the network.


in the network work there are people who do, and every corner is an expert. Want to make money on the Internet, the most important thing is to promote, no matter how to promote, as long as the results are worth doing. A lot of easy things a lot of people think it’s hard and boring to do it again and again. This is not made by the results of the exclamation. And some people do a thing out of the results, it is not easy to change another way to do. This may not be desirable, there is a better way why not spend some time to study it? Anyway, perhaps everything is right or wrong, as long as they think it is worth insisting on the right.

what are the ways to promote the emergence of. We began to talk about the site SEO, the talk about QQ promotion. Although I don’t know how to promote QQ, it’s also because it takes time to understand a technology. But to see a lot of friends or bored, visible QQ promotion efficiency is very obvious. And the most direct way. It is not difficult to suspect that the basic use of the computer with everyone QQ, QQ is also the largest number of people to promote the best.

QQ do There is much fineness in as long as you want. QQ in the continuous improvement, there are more and more restrictions, but there are policies, there are countermeasures. Not long after today, I met a lot of QQ in my promotion. Every kind of。 The first example is the promotion of the image form. More recently is the promotion of tea. No matter you can not stand, anyway, in the group directly to you a big picture, do not want to see not. Although the antipathy, but sometimes it is no way, the picture is basically limited to the limitations of QQ, there is no limit. The most is to go with him, but so many people, because QQ is free, for the identity of the. Do not know how many people they want to promote every day, we must have such a sigh. No matter which form is unreasonable, at least they make money. Otherwise, it will not do so much effort in place. It doesn’t matter if we don’t buy tea, because they don’t lose money. So rather than harassment three thousand people, don’t let go of A.

, of course, there are many forms of image promotion, and now more and more people like this hand. In fact, as long as you are able to operate to make money, we look at the character is not suitable for the nature of such work. That we are familiar with, that is, the latest, fast filing or foreign space name for the record, or the sale of links and so on, these ads are also seen every day. Why, because we are a group of people who need it, they know we might need it, and we’ll buy one of them. Me >

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