Learn to use the website to increase the flow of flexible dislocation tips

is not difficult to find, whether it is television or advertising, all love with some similar words to advertising or movie, the name of the main character, for example, called "Aaron Kwok" star, "spoof" into "urban", coupled with humor, funny story. Which does not affect the image of the stars, the star of "reputation", also let people have a unforgettable feeling, is also very easy to remember.

according to the above, we can take advantage of this idea on the site this? What is the advantage of doing so?

takes advantage of celebrity

can take advantage of this approach, so for the visitors, not only the site name is easy to remember, if the content is good, but also to increase the interest of visitors to the site, which is to increase the viscosity.

uses the "misplaced word"

most people use pinyin, it is easy to hit the wrong word, then the word can bring you a lot of traffic. Of course, this is a hot word.

although the article is not well written, but, in our life, many things can make you have a strange idea, as long as these ideas from another perspective, you can experience a different effect, may let you get unexpected harvest. I contact SEO for a period of time, yet to learn, I hope you can give me a lot of advice, in addition, we have any good suggestions or methods are welcome to the Jiangmen website optimization message, explore seo.

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