Small shop real marketing case

Post Bar of Baidu products, visits in Baidu products have been accounted for the top three, do a lot of promotion have been put Post Bar as an important platform for the post or article published in Post Bar can more quickly be included in search engines, so as to enhance the ranking.

pre channel analysis: Baidu post bar is not suitable for everyone

so what business or product promotion for Baidu Post Bar? Do you know how to get to Baidu Post Bar around, look at the various Post Bar classification, analysis of population characteristics in Post Bar; search popularity compared to hot Post Bar, look to have what kind of products in the promotion, the result is also out.

there are a lot of customers in Post Bar proposed to do the promotion, we will according to this process, the first analysis of how it fit, right then OK, we push up confidence, but if not, it can only be sorry, do also is a waste of money. We do not recommend customers to do Post Bar promotion for bulk products, an enterprise. Suitable: digital electronic products are mainly concentrated in the service class, Home Furnishing, luxury goods, clothing, cosmetics, etc., the reason is simple, because the crowd is mainly young Post Bar group is dependent on the Internet, as long as it is to meet the needs of younger age groups, can achieve good results in the promotion of Post Bar.

in our implementation of the promotion program, the more unexpected harvest is a small snack bar to promote the house. At that time in the bar to promote the snack shop is not much, the effect is difficult to predict. But as snacks in the online sale of products has been more common, but also are young people love the product, imagine if you enter a section of the Post Bar delicacy, as long as something attractive enough, you will naturally have the impulse to buy, no matter you are not to advertise, or even most people who eat snacks are also willing to accept the recommendation of others, as long as the product is good enough. So, at that time, in the shop to do scheme, we put Post Bar into consideration, of course, the premise is that the store things pass, because, if you own the product is not good, no security, promotion again good also useless. What we do is just "let the good things be known by the Internet."".

program execution:

in the implementation, we first post in the product categories associated with the major sections of Post Bar, the focus is of course the snack.

this is a very good precision marketing platform, like snacks, men and women will naturally go into the post bar. After that, is to create post bar, post, top paste, maintenance and a series of operations, see our specific implementation plan:

post is one of the most important part of the process, which involves the design of the post title, content writing, as well as the success rate of release.

1, we will first post title optimization. Join the shop name, account name in the main push products. Use these accounts when posting. Our staff will use these accounts

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