Q & a website promotion tips

1 build Q & a group (address:


Baidu know: http://s.zhidao.baidu.com/

China YAHOO knowledge hall: http://s.ks.cn.yahoo.com/

3 Iask: http://s.iask.sina.com.cn/

and SOSO ask: http://s.www.wenwen.com/

The Qihoo ask: http://s.www.qihoo.com/


The question and answer: http://s.wenda.tianya.cn/

2 steps: (Q & Q promotion registered name is best to just take the username, registration vest N, different sites)

Title select the site’s long tail keywords and target keywords

questions must be logical

questions on Monday, Wednesday reply, Friday set as the answer

Do not use the

with IP.The

link address to stay in the absolute path with long tail keywords, try not to leave the home address, easy to let the administrators think cheating


can ask questions according to the ticket information every day changes, and then reply to.

, you can find some new questions (related) or a post reply.

place where I hope to add QQ:772340535 to discuss each other to promote skills

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addresses: http://s.www.cehuawhy.com/

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