WeChat marketing drainage how to do only have the effect of new ideas WeChat public content

talked about WeChat marketing, is a necessary tool to do network marketing, if it can be used in place, you can make the performance doubled many times, of course you want to make the WeChat marketing easier said than done, WeChat public understanding in place? Maybe you are still in use a common personal micro signal in the play. I can only say WeChat marketing and 80% is not used, it is easy to be ignored, WeChat public marketing, this weapon must be useful to learn how to use, can really make you a marketing promotion. Why do you say, customer data analysis of your WeChat public number, can make a very wonderful illustrated article mass served, and in the first time on auto reply, too much too much, the degree of the contents of the public number m WeChat how to write to share the secret of WeChat marketing drainage.

: first of all, we have to do is to let you be willing to forward you write a WeChat public number of content, then such a specific content contains the following features are usually one of the following.

1, the theme of the article positive, read people excited

2, let the reader very angry and panic

3, let the reader not only their own absolute is very clever and well-informed, knowledgeable

4, practical and easy to remember content

5, a valuable story

below these features one by one analysis.

, a positive theme requires writing elements

1, write a thing that is already finished

2, a very specific example (process, data, details)

3, there is a summary of the view, can not be a running account

4, down to earth, let people feel that they can read

5, after reading so excited

6, the content of the specific wording of

WeChat article the beginning of the content: 200 words or less, write clearly to see who, the article contains what content, what are the benefits to the reader. It is important to note that the fact that it has already happened has a positive meaning and can cause the reader to read it.

the theme of the article: 1500 – less than 5000 words, the story of the story you have to play a clear focus, there is a point of view. Don’t write liushuizhang, articles can be structured, constantly stressed the view and summary, easy to read, down to earth to write the story of ordinary people, ordinary people or celebrities in the time on a strange story, the user’s point of view to write articles.

: at the end of the article, about 100 words, once again stressed the point, set the transformation path clear, is the customer demand for you, to continue to emphasize the core view, enhance the sense of trust, an article can not read it, immediately to guide the user to do.

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