Rhythm product manager needs to remember keywords

grew up watching TV or movies, the love of the lens is rides in the grasslands of the lens. I believe that a lot of people have the hobby of riding, the kind of freedom and unrestrained, that kind of speed and passion has always attracted me.


later, a trip to Inner Mongolia. The first thing to do on the prairie is to rent a horse to ride, and put aside the coach. Across the prairie horse, hoping to learn the television drama like Cemayangbian running again, but after a long time, the horse not only go backwards instead. Later, after running up the top, almost the crotch mash, the horse can hardly stand. I think the people inside the TV is riding a horse is how to bear it!

later, many horses know only after their original rhythm and the rhythm of ups and downs horse inconsistent. Found this feature, and then ride on the comfort and more comfortable. Once you master the rhythm, the faster the horse, riding on the top of the more stable.

you see, riding to the rhythm. Another example of individuals like military content, from the media to see China in recent years to learn the United States to do military products is the same.

For example,

Chinese currently launched 052 ships, 054, 056, a new generation of phased array, vertical launch system of modern destroyers, is building 055 tons of large destroyers, has been in the research of a new generation of high speed stealth destroyer.

and China aircraft, has been equipped with /11/15 three generation fighter J-10, is developing a stealth fighter 20/31 over the horizon four generation machine, F35 has similar advanced VTOL stealth capabilities of the five generation machine and hypersonic aircraft.

and 59/88/99 China tanks, equipped with tanks, developed 99 improved advanced stealth tanks, advanced light new material tank.

as the opposite is India 3, 40 years ago to get tejas, Arjun tanks, these are a few decades ago research and development project, it is not equipped troops, the military also is not willing to receive. Why can we say that there is no gradual, rhythm is not good grasp is the main reason.

the same reason, the hardware industry should grasp the rhythm. As a product manager should not only pay attention to the user experience, we also play a role in product planning. So look at a hardware product manager is an entry, in addition to determine the basic skills, the key is to see whether the concept of rhythm.

what is the rhythm and how to grasp?

learn to judge when

what is the time to determine the new technology or new products if launched early, the market has not formed, the need for a large number of resources to invest in the market for education and development. A large extent are easy to become martyrs. For example, "iridium" everyone for having heard it many times, such as electric cars in the first few years. Such as Google glasses, etc.. These products can not be said to be unsuccessful, but it should not reach

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