Grassroots blog do take three names

    grassroots blog to do a good job of three names, this log was originally prepared to write at the beginning of the year, did not expect to be dragged into the busy time until now. A few days ago has been busy making friends Club articles recommended articles, blog forum articles for the forum club, has invested time and energy construction. Can finally calm mind, sharing my personal blog and all bloggers do experience. Do blog before taking good is particularly important. A good name is a very common and easy to remember, the best first let people remember blogs. The author in the blog circle, often find some bloggers often change the name, in fact, this approach is not desirable, but also not very scientific. This statement needs to be built on the premise of the blog promotion. Do not ignore the name, the name of good and bad will directly affect the development and promotion of personal blog. The author thinks it is necessary to discuss the problem of how to get the three name!

three do grassroots blog name registration name text. Most of the registered names are combined with English letters and numbers. This is the first consideration of the blog as a grassroots, because many of the blog hosting chamber in order to direct the user registration name displayed in the blog link URL display. If the grassroots registration, the registration name is very long and there is no law, it is not convenient to visit. Now most of the blog site enable two domain name binding, greatly shorten the length of the blog address. This can speed up the blog to promote the process of access, the main domain name plus registration name combination. Obviously, if the name of the registration made a little easier, of course, is not to obliterate the name of the grassroots personalized. I suggest that the registered name, the length should not be more than 10 characters, and the best combination of the law of the font. Registered name can not be modified, the author of the log can be modified at any time, I suggest that the nickname is best to enable a single English word or a simple combination of numbers in English or three to five Chinese characters in Chinese (best choice of 2 and 3).

three do grassroots blog blog name text name. Most of the blog name Chinese character, and grassroots after registration can be modified in the blog management background easily, I don’t approve of blog name is often modified, the best permanent change, if often changes, not only to promote Links not factors, at the same time will greatly bring your search engine entry update. Even after the name, the name of the blog and they repeat, as long as the blog adhere to the original, adhere to the update, ranking will be in front of the search engine. For the name of the blog, to avoid the irregular special symbols, but also do not advocate with the English name of the blog to do links. These days to receive a lot of links to the application, most of them have been rejected, or the name of the blog name is too long, or the name of the blog to bring a special symbol. So I suggest that the best name of the blog word control in three to five words, do not exceed more than five, the highest frequency of use is the name of the word blog.

three grassroots do blog to take a good name of the log name t

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