How managers use network marketing

You need to understand the problems of


before reading the passage; marketing network marketing, so marketing network marketing is not all of enterprise network marketing.
2.  most rely on the website, but by all the content of the site is not marketing network marketing.
3.   web marketing was not including the SEM[search engine marketing. SEM is not the website marketing all.
4.  search engine optimization SEO[] is a part of SEM, but can not simply rely on SEO to SEM.a

< small and medium enterprises how to implement the network marketing > this issue has been told many times, the same ideas, all in this article do not say. Reference:
1. " website traffic analysis; only through site traffic analysis in order to understand the customer, to understand customer behavior, make the website development strategy in order to better. For example:
  customer is the main browser what information?
–   there is no other to browse the page to browse?
–   what is wrong so that they do not have to browse other information?
–   navigation or function?
–   visitors to this website is what most want to know?
–   into the customer is to see which page to determine the letter The
2.  only through flow analysis to determine the direction of
3.  only through flow analysis to determine the business area and the direction of

4.  to be continued……

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