Website marketing needs to be built on the basis of user needs and then re innovation

looked at Zhou Hongyi in the Qihoo 360 "geeks Park Innovation conference speech today", said that entrepreneurship products in this matter. Most of us chose the network business, a very important reason: low start-up costs! Then details, low start-up costs, in the end is because the product is cheap, we now take this product SEO, spend thousands of dollars (it is willing to pay, some self-study training) basically, can do some of the usual SEO business, then with the accumulation of experience, the concept of SEO products will be more and more.


website marketing is inseparable with the SEO, then how do we do this in the marketing of SEO to maximize the value of it to listen to Jay Chou’s speech, combined with our own SEO products, made the following record:

first, the user first.

this idea is by no means an empty talk, we do not look at the search engine SEO, and ultimately allow the site to generate a profit is to look at the site. Must be from the perspective of ordinary users, with their the passions, with their thinking of website, how they think, how they are discussed, only towards the direction to do, to impress the user’s heart.

two, the subdivision of the extreme

there are errors, such as customer products is to do a single, but he also has the energy or capital investment, want to continue to do other industries to do the keywords. Standing on the business relationship, we like this customer, but from the customer point of view, may not be good. SEO there is a concept called the long tail word, even if it is a very common words are too many to count can be derived from the search term, if we analyze the user’s product, even if only a product, but also can do a lot of words (we are accustomed to this kind of situation, so called the station optimization) instead, take over the customer rather than persuade customers to make new, sustained investment in the existing site. The customer in the field of products to achieve the network Top 1, not in quantity, and in the amount of fine.

three, the work of network marketing is seen as an iceberg, the effectiveness of network marketing is part of the surface.

we are in with the customers, do have an effect, but in fact, SEO is just a means of network marketing, we may pay a lot of effort, but ultimately see results may be transformed into a few keywords rate, even so, we still have to do, because the network environment is constantly changing, we all the work is in the "test".

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