Analysis on how to deploy WeChat marketing

this section of the brain is not enough, a lot of things impact, November campus recruitment will be quite dense, slow down, some things to think about a lot less time. The same in November, commercial, IT, various circles, even in the countryside, talking too much is not just the end of the Third Plenary Session of 11, but two.

we now pull back the topic, this is a section of WeChat marketing and micro-blog marketing was pushed to the peak of the industry. A now more than 80% enterprises to establish their own WeChat public account or micro-blog in the public account, every company has established the account on the platform, to become the industry legend that can increase the number of market share, but how to do, many enterprises are very confused, is also the breeding ground for all training industry.

take the public number of WeChat, the public should be in the end the number should be located in the subscription number or service number it must be based on the specific circumstances of the company to develop. For example, whether there is a special operation and maintenance team, whether the relevant technical staff, whether the company can quickly develop marketing activities based on the promotion means, etc.. That is to say, all of this ultimately comes down to a pretty good executive team. The implementation team can finally achieve the desired results also need full participation. For example, the boss authorization is full, financial support is in place, whether the smooth communication between the team and technical post security is in place, so the company…… there is a need to be able to control the overall leader, familiar with various aspects of the process of company products.

let’s take a look at the people on our personal WeChat,


1, QQ friends;

2, the phone address book friends;

3, to participate in the activities of the line to know friends. Basically these 3 types.

if you are a dating control, you may be through the nearby people, drift bottle, shake and other functions to add these friends. So these friends we call "circle of friends".

so many people will doubt whether WeChat can bring market conversion rate, the answer must be able to. But you need to be clear that WeChat is a tool, not a product of your company. Can you achieve the conversion rate depends on the skills you use the tools, skills, investment to buy the relevant data, as well as whether the company’s products can be recognized in the market.

then I’ll say another difference between the subscription number and service number. "Subscription number" to play is the interpersonal relationship, "service number" is to extend the company’s related products to the mobile terminal. So we will be able to understand a little more!

company should deploy subscription number or service number? I will give you a few programs, you can go back.

first: only the service number is set up to provide services to users

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