88 tiger fortune network analyze how to do the marketing of WeChat WeChat public operations

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has just launched WeChat who also did not expect, WeChat can be like now so fire! And during the Spring Festival Gala, WeChat red shake is the accumulation of a large number of mom and dad class fans for WeChat, WeChat users is also growing in the WeChat! Public platform already has become a platform for the promotion of all walks of life preferred. So the question is, how should we use this platform?

in order to do promotion in the WeChat public platform, first of all to apply for a WeChat public number. These are relatively simple not to say, today is mainly about how to increase the number of operators to increase the number of WeChat fans do not lose powder. For WeChat public numbers every day to push the content is essential, which directly affects the number of fans, then how to push content selection should be done?

first of all, we need to consider is that our goal is what people? Why should consider this, because it is very important to push the contents of our day, if we just made some of our own advertising, I believe that two days of powder will drop light, because the pure advertising often by users disgusted. When we sort out our audience, it is necessary to analyze their interests, preferences, and share some of the things they are interested in fun.

secondly, we should consider how to "induce" fans to share. If you push the contents of the day, but every day, but the amount of powder is poor, still want to find the reason from the content. You have to think about why every day carefully push content is still not powder? An important reason is that your content has not been shared out, then how should we do? We know that WeChat is a high viscosity by the circle of friends and family, our content is also the best real close to life, and moved to the user, giving the user emotional guidance in life. According to my research, entertainment gossip Tucao text sharing rate is extremely high. So we can also start from the content of course, the best is our own original! You can also add a word in the circle of friends to share the red envelopes to send calls ah, ah……. The effect should also be good


finally, in addition to the necessary quality content and fans interact is also crucial. Because these fans are our potential customers, so we can do some theme planning activities on a regular basis. What kind of activities? We have to target groups and their products to analyze, but it is best to do online and offline. Because we are usually online promotion, if you do some offline theme activities, so you can get closer to the fans and more realistic!

of different industries will inevitably have differences in the operation of WeChat public number, but the same content, only the content is king


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