Six Meridian Swords to help enterprises invincible

          Jin Yong classic "eight guardians" in a kind of magic masterpiece "Six Meridian Swords", Dali’s super energy juexue. There is a set of invisible matter, the sword sword into profound meaning of martial arts. A sword when Jianqi nasty such as lightning, rapid and incomparable. To take the sword to kill the sword invisible, can be called invincible sword. The protagonist Duan Yu a strange Six Meridian Swords several times with the top master can even change danger into safety, a final showdown, is by virtue of their own courage and perseverance have no one to the Wang Yuyan. Now that for the majority of SMEs have no such "Six Meridian Swords"? Yes! As long as the master I mentioned "Six Meridian Swords", coupled with the courage and perseverance, be like Duan Yu with "beauty" is, but "beauty" is the enterprise market and profit.

"Six Meridian Swords" first sword: Little Ze sword. Features: come and go, subtle changes.
    the little Ze sword: email marketing
    me e-mail marketing is the so-called licensing type e-mail marketing, that is to say the recipient asks you to send e-mail to him. This license is typically a user’s name and email address on your website. This data will automatically go into your email list, and then the program will automatically send a letter of welcome, but also can automatically send a series of regular e-mail. If you send a useful article to the email list every month, the mailing list becomes an electronic magazine.

    the key point is that you need the user to leave your email address on your website, register your electronic magazine, rather than you grab from the Internet or buy e-mail from someone else. The registered email records, you should record the IP address of the registered users when accurate, time to do after the complaint, in case that you not spam evidence.

      more secure way is dual licensed email, that user registration will receive a confirmation letter, only after confirmation click the link in the email that was officially included in the email list. This can prevent a lot of people using fake e-mail address or wrong e-mail address.

    if you do not allow e-mail marketing, but only the company to buy e-mail address library, will be their own business and product information sent out by e-mail. So for the recipient, this is spam. I received every day to beat the mail, almost all of the junk, basically do not look at the direct deletion, then the advantages of this marketing will be out of the question, the drawback is that many. The first is not a clear goal, basically is the form of net. Followed by

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