Analysis of local pet electricity supplier how leveraging O2O mode development

O2O refers to the online and offline together very well, the electricity supplier website to become line trading network platform for the local pet website, how to use O2O mode to develop itself? With the development of society, more and more people keep pets, especially in the developed city of the first and second level. There are many kinds of pets, but with cats and dogs as the main types of pets, pet website is mainly to provide a platform for online pet trading. In addition, pet website can also sell pet related products, such as: pet food, pet cleaning supplies, pet toys, etc.. Local pet sites can be divided into two types of electricity providers and forums, the forum is to provide a platform for the exchange, but now the traditional forum is very difficult to operate, the traditional forum downturn.

local sites subject to regional restrictions, pet electricity supplier is also true, in the first tier cities around the pet product demand is much, and how many competitors, their strength. Before the operation of the local pet business website, need to do market analysis and data statistics, so how to do the pet business online and offline promotion? Leveraging O2O models need to pay attention to the details of what? For example: planning around some pet related activities under the line, in the city’s residential area in the promotion of such activities, like pet pet beauty contest, etc.. Under the stimulus of rich prizes, I believe there will be a lot of pet owners willing to participate, through such a game can be a very good promotion site, of course, prizes can also be a pet electricity supplier website, such as discount cards.

online trading is very convenient and fast, but the online trading involves trading credit problems between the two sides, how to better protect the business interests between the two sides, how to reduce the sale of contradictions and frictions. The next line of the face-to-face transactions can be a very good solution to this problem, such as a local user to buy a husky, in the pet business on the site linked to the favorite sellers, but buy a pet can not just look at the pictures and text description. The most reliable way is to meet the transaction, or by the pet site as an intermediate guarantor, buyers can pay the first on the site, and then the sellers face-to-face transactions, if the buyer want to cancel the transaction, then pay the money can be returned to the buyer.

a variety of local cities are relatively limited in the pet industry as well, so there will only be a dominant situation in the local. In certain consumer groups, how to dig out more potential users, local pet website should be how to profit, can extend a variety of needs: food, pet toys, emotions, and even pet funeral services, this series of pet services are market demand. The local pet major electricity providers to sell those products or services, in addition, can also extend the service to the surrounding city and area, or with major pet stores cooperation, establish the local city pet life service platform.

O2O model is the trend of development of electricity providers, but not all areas of electricity providers are suitable for O2O mode, China’s large population, and the need for pets

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