Two kinds of essence on the development of the electricity supplier vertical electricity supplier di

on the Internet to see a number of sites on the vertical electricity supplier’s life and death and the direction of the development of posts, quite a feeling. But it has been said that if you want to make it clear, it is necessary to clarify the nature of the electricity supplier.

, Taobao, QQ, Jingdong, pat easion mall, shop No. 1, Dangdang, where customers, brewmaster network, local wines, good music to buy, easy fruit net, top fruit net, iron store, handle network, good exchange and so on, these well-known and not well-known, and I can not casually say with the mouth, with the Internet as the main media in business activities, we are known as the electricity supplier. But in fact, the business is essentially different: one is to sell goods, make the difference as a means of profit, is the essence of the retail industry; one is to provide a platform to provide sales channels for the first electricity supplier, to collect advertising or service fee and profit, is essentially a service, advertising or Internet information technology industry. Confused, the future development trend of these two types of electricity providers, will inevitably enter the wrong.

in the past, we usually use the platform type, integrated type or vertical type to classify, very direct, but also can explain the industry form, but can not relate to its nature. Or use B2B2C, B2C to classify, but can not be poor content. For example, the Jingdong store, in accordance with the above two kinds of classification methods, how to call it: B2B2C B2C integrated platform?? or is a comprehensive cross-border operation of B2C? In fact, Jingdong is currently the main mall sales or from their own inventory of products, so he like Suning and Gome essence. Is a retail enterprise. Tmall is not the same, his own warehouse, there is no one to sell goods. In essence, Tmall and Sohu, Sina, Baidu, is an Internet information technology services business.

this category, we will find that gathered in Tmall and pat in the business, are in fact some vertical electric retail type (most operating only one category, even a brand of products), but, there are many electricity providers also have their own independent mall. From this perspective, the vertical electricity supplier is quite prosperous, there is no vertical electricity supplier boom, there is no platform for the electricity supplier market.

of course, vertical many people said, may refer to the independent vertical B2C mall, such as where the customer, good music to buy, such as brewmaster network. Yes, because of their high cost, price competition is intense, most at a loss, even the huge loss of status. But the good news is that the military goods monopoly Tiexue store profit. Retail enterprises must have a strong ability to integrate the supply chain, in the field of electronic business, is mainly manifested in two aspects: you have no goods, others; you have some others, your price is competitive. Based on this, the author believes that the current direction of the efforts of some vertical independent electricity supplier, are useful:

1) to develop its own brand. Good music to buy, such as where the customer. In fact, is to reduce costs and improve the price advantage;


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