Express industry reshuffle soon jibian stars last mile sprint

recently, when the most busy express for the online shopping frenzy of star scorched by the flames to e-commerce, logistics distribution is known to the express company "into the house service" was published, in another perspective of concern.

It is reported that

, "into the house service including cash on delivery (including POS payment), late delivery, unpacking inspection, return the door with the goods exchange, half received a half back, try to experience other e-commerce value-added services. International Logistics Committee Wang Lingfeng believes that online shopping revolution led to the logistics war, the potential demand of e-commerce buyers, is likely to open up another piece of "blue ocean" of the logistics industry, and this is the logistics business opportunities.

cloud courier was born

for nearly ten years, has been the emergence of a large number of fighting in the field of electronic commerce company, they spell market share, price, spell speed. The final success of a few, there is a three way one rely on Taobao market overnight fame. But at the same time, along with their low price competition and low level service.

cloud express appears to make the industry a new understanding of the traditional e-commerce logistics services. It is reported that cloud express is a convenient consumer and service business transaction platform, do a similar line of business logistics and distribution service platform, this platform can practice all the logistics functions of e-commerce. Simply speaking, if the Taobao commercial transaction website as a consumer convenience and service platform, then jibian stars is to do the logistics service platform similar line of Taobao, using the platform to practice all the logistics functions.

"cloud logistics Express" was born in January 2010, specializing in the service of electronic commerce, realize the COD (network COD) became the first domestic service, to solve the e-commerce open payment service industry shock caused by demand. Prior to this, Jingdong mall self built logistics companies have this service, but did not achieve national collection.

at the same time, the "cloud delivery" of the direct and join combination model, combined with the demand of electronic commerce industry, supporting the construction of network technology platform, can realize control process, and can realize the expansion of the scope of business covers. Industry analysis, this model will quietly change the logistics and e-commerce two industries.

"last mile" sprint

Three elements of

e-commerce: information flow, capital flow, logistics". Similar platform and Alipay means to solve the information flow and cash flow problems, therefore, the development of electronic commerce have begun to pay attention to international advanced logistics. At present, the domestic express delivery industry and the development of e-commerce does not match, low level of competition is not the modern e-commerce needs of logistics and distribution." Hangzhou Dianzi University professor Cao Weiguo said logistics.

since 2009, jibian stars is the beginning of innovative and efficient growth. Only one year, established 30 provincial city operations center; laying out.