Express outlets warehouse explosion run to solve this problem the electricity supplier delivery sy

recently, the express little brother deiivery diverted news, hot friends. Many express outlets and exposed the backlog of shipments, which caused great losses to consumers. Express outlets backlog Chengshan, you express in the mountains……



courier outlets stranded express

I have a colleague to go to send out, the company also equipped with a suit of clothing, battery cars, etc., every day is the time to eat the most busy, usually very free, much easier than sending courier. But the income is not low, send a take away the Commission has five or six dollars, far higher than the courier sent." A courier said.


outlets backlog Chengshan, nor adopt effective measures to solve this problem? Although express little brother to send out, make the express delivery business personnel, in addition, there are still many other business distribution management system problems. In recent years, express industry chaos, as early as a few years ago, a phone was traced to the "poison express", the major media attention and hot this event.



poison express event

so, how can we effectively solve the problem of such electricity supplier distribution system?

runner – short distance logistics and distribution system, is a very pure distribution management system, suitable for food takeaway, fresh electricity providers, express goods and other distribution, but not limited to this. Fast runner is also developing more features of the logistics and distribution system!



runner distribution management system

runner merchant side:

applies to businesses recorded a single open billing to distribution group and designated distribution member billing system background, support custom configuration parameters; real-time monitoring of staff distribution location; open API third party billing system; business center attendant line collection record calculation zero error. Share function, can be sent to friends or friends for free promotion, billing, and run their businesses to optimize the password modification and computer terminal address coordinates positioning, improve the user experience.

runner distribution side:

is suitable for the delivery and distribution of designated merchants accepting single group grab a single, part-time and full-time staff members of the distribution of "flexible combination, can also add fax, scan code binding WeChat function, more convenient for users to bind WeChat. Distribution team management personnel can master the distribution of the location of the staff; distribution can be in the distribution group grab single send a single; distribution personnel can grab a single multiple, a single single; performance record at any time. >

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