The development of e commerce in Boao Forum

Boao forum for Asia annual conference 2012 held in Hainan in April 1st -3, delegates expounded their own in their respective fields. Some suggestions and ideas, their remarks today, tomorrow will be on the fast action, to further promote the Asian countries in various aspects of development, make a great contribution. The following A5 webmaster network SEO diagnostic team from the Boao forum to talk about the development of e-commerce.

which we pay attention to the business district of e-commerce in the future direction of development and prospects, the delegates also gave some guidance. The Sequoia (Sequoia) Chinese fund founder and managing partner Shen Napeng said at the meeting: "electronic commerce is developing rapidly, the vast majority of infrastructure barriers are gradually being broken, including payment, logistics and other aspects. The future of this industry will produce a number of outstanding companies".

Shen Napeng believes that the key to the development of e-commerce enterprises is to provide differentiated products. Future e-commerce industry will be more and more concentrated, the opportunity will belong to a small number of outstanding enterprises. At present, the traditional industry is also building its own e-commerce platform, which is also a very important investment in the future can be concerned about.

provides differentiated service I quite agree with this view, because no matter in the competition is always there, but the competition is different, so for a small business or a new enterprise, there is a living space, in which we can improve services, such as the so-called difference at the same time, car industry, you do is wash beauty, I can do what he can do car maintenance, car rental, and then it will look for other differences in the car to go, do promotion, this is our territory, so the electronic commerce is slowly developed, however, in the development of it encounter such problems, but to solve the problems in the development of the mode of development is very good, but we will hinder the development of e-commerce to break, Welcome to a new starting point for the development of electronic commerce, new hope, new power. But these enterprises will not be too much, because when the same industry competitors too much, there will be a reshuffle, resource and market are outstanding enterprises occupy, so that we were warned to get a place to live in in the competition, the need of the development of.

Another aspect of

is that e-commerce will also be well addressed in terms of payment barriers. At this stage we are mostly used in the online trading, online banking and payment of alipay. For a long time, everyone will think of the two payments can almost meet the market demand for payment, but because online banking money or Alipay money to online banking needs time for large transactions, and the owners and continue to spend money, then there will be a problem. There is a future may be a credit card, pay card, social security card payment, payment so much, even if there is no net and Alipay staff to see their love, or like to do things you can pay with the hand tool, namely.

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