[see] the analysis of advantages and disadvantages of micro business Taobao shop and pat micro shop

since the derivative industry has been booming, saying the micro chamber of Commerce subvert Taobao, micro business is the next Taobao, at the same time, the major electricity supplier platform also began to pay attention to changes in the micro market, and choose their own good ways of this big cake, the momentum most is Jingdong’s pat Tencent WeChat, sitting on the entrance, breath launched pat micro shop APP and micro business partner recruitment, the birth of the three father outstanding cases, make the derivative of attention and pursuit.

yesterday, Taobao finally himself launched to reengineering the mobile terminal Taobao shop, see the rain, has the following characteristics:

1, one stop pure mobile phone operation. Release baby, shipping, aftermarket can be completed through the phone side.

2, low threshold, everyone can shop. Whether the seller or the seller as long as Taobao Taobao, Taobao mobile phone is installed on the client, they can take pictures of sellers.

3, custom traffic entry. Unique 6 digit and scan two-dimensional code directly to the store.

after reading can not help Taobao shop initiative applauded Taobao sellers about 8000000, Taobao client at least tens of millions of active users, so that these people can become a low threshold for the seller, such a large volume in the future is worth the wait, taking effect on the market can not be ignored. Especially innovative traffic entrance, 6 digits and the two-dimensional code also let Taobao shop shop name card, the seller can break the ban WeChat, micro-blog, QQ, and in the promotion of watercress and other social networking platforms, sit in the long tail traffic bonus to enjoy the mobile Internet social networking.

even so, contrast it earlier than the launch pat micro shop APP, or a lot of advantages and problems.

we first look at pat micro shop APP. It has a key shop, a key distribution, a key share and a key move and other functions. "One shop" to achieve as long as QQ or WeChat account, a few seconds to open a shop, will promote the traditional business transformation and derivative speed; "a key distribution" to build a brand business and personal business communication bridge, to solve the supply problem; the "shared" open WeChat circle of friends, QQ space and other social networking platforms to achieve business channel sale; "the key move function to help sellers easily store Taobao intelligent, easily moved to pat micro shop.

, in contrast, were flawed: Taobao


1, users buy more around, see user numbers in other social platforms, the need to remember six digits, and open the client, enter the number again arrived at the shop, or save the image to the mobile phone, then open the Taobao client scan two-dimensional code into, in contrast, pat micro shop can achieve WYSIWYG, direct click to buy WeChat, sharing circle of friends of nearly one billion traffic flow bonus;

2, the digital

is limited, six digits, death is also the nearest million shops, but the shop Taobao claims to have opened about two million shop, do not know which part.

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