Micro shop APP updated version of the new features PK WeChat public number


] April 10th news billion state power network, pocket shopping’s Micro store launched version 5.1, the new manager notes "and WeChat show in the form of public release articles similar to the seller through the written text and pictures form links, can share to my circle of friends.

According to

billion state power network found that the seller can find "the manager notes" in the micro shop set in the editor, you can freely add pictures, and there is no limit to the content, write the article can directly generate links to share.

(pictured: Micro shop Settings Manager notes)

in the circle of friends to share "the manager notes" link, directly into the shop through the shop under the title name, in the end can add a paragraph to invite users to visit the shops.

(pictured: "the manager notes" page

)In addition, the new version also adds a single product

feature, the seller can also be set in the remote areas do not post".

micro shop is developed by Beijing pocket Fashion Technology Co., Ltd., is to help sellers in the mobile phone shop software, on-line in 2013, and on the line in the buyer’s version in 2014. This year, the micro shop moves frequently, first add a new version of the page, the seller can manage the store through the PC side, and this month to establish a buyer points mall, but also on the line of the international version of the micro shop Youshop.

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