Bundled star selling cosmetics fans display network every day

news June 17th, beauty electricity supplier "every network founder and CEO Ju Xiao days before three new board companies will promote sharing attempts in brand packaging, fans of resources to maximize the value of the resources will be a star.


Ju Chuanguo introduced, in addition to independent research and development of network products, every day is still trying to "star makeup brand", trying to use the star’s popularity will the massive fans into every network user.

Ju Chuanguo said, according to the net every day star artist’s character and fans group characteristics, build star makeup brand, will also consider the acquisition of our best-selling classic beauty brands, in which the injection of star element.

, we want to build the star makeup brand is the star of the depth of cooperation in the business model of cooperation, and the stars to the depth of the binding of resources, the use of a huge star fans, the maximum amount of conversion to achieve the user. At the same time, combined with brand manufacturers resources, and jointly create a ‘star + daily net + brand manufacturers’, three party cooperation and win-win new brand." Ju Chuanguo further explained.


in addition to the star effect brought about by the economic benefits, every day in the supply chain also saw the possibility of saving money, improve efficiency.

in addition to create Star makeup brand, Ju Xiao also share the B2B ecological chain every day sharing network platform model. He said, the traditional B2B business model is the brand authorized dealer, layers of Yahuo, capital efficiency is very low, and the net every day trying to "convenient and efficient mode of brand business platform – sellers, for online distributors, offline stores and individual customers, net red, derivative to wholesale.

Ju Chuanguo said that every day the network has established a cooperative relationship with more than and 400 beauty brands. Online and Tmall mall, clear street, fold 800, roll skin, staged music, baby kiss and other platforms for strategic cooperation. In addition, every day the network also with Xi’an, Xining, Nanjing, Henan and other parts of the two or three lines of the city reached a cooperation plan shop.

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