Jiapin network luxury discount e commerce alternative gold

in recent years, the electronic commerce website in China such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain like appearance, the venture capital is desperate for. The luxury site by the favor of capital, not seen in the country. Jiapin network, the establishment of only six months of luxury websites, has been Taishan angel investment, pine Wo capital, Jia Feng capital and other 3 VC investment. So, what is the story behind the financing of


entrepreneurship is an addiction

in the BNET commercial network of excellence of the interview process for network CEO Yang Peifeng, he told reporters that he is very keen on electronic commerce, before founding vipstore.com, there had been two business experience. The first venture is based on e-commerce 2 a project, the idea is that users can make personalized T-shirts and other goods on the Internet, and then the company in accordance with the needs of customers and the production of goods to customers. The second venture is the founder of a mobile phone games and entertainment applications, (lemonquest), from the original Yang Peifeng one to the later development of more than and 100 people, every year tens of millions of business development. These entrepreneurial experience for the subsequent creation of a good network Yang Peifeng made the industry accumulated bedding.

entrepreneurship is an addiction, from the heart of the pursuit of the value of life, once on the road, it is difficult to stop." When it comes to the net on the line, Yang Peifeng and angel investment fund from Taishan co-founder of a chat with Chen Liang. In this chat, Yang Peifeng learned that Europe’s second famous sale company Buyvip is a luxury flash sale site, he immediately to the model very interested. To this end, Yang Peifeng deliberately went to Spain, with the founder of Buyvip communication, and confirmed that this model can be copied to other regions. "This model has been successful in Europe, North America, South America and even developing countries such as India and Brazil," said Yang Peifeng.

by virtue of their years of experience in electronic commerce, Yang Peifeng United had a technical operation and management experience in the network serves a good friend of Dong Ce, to his college classmate Yang Hongjie in North America, together to begin preparations to build a famous sale platform, which is now the share network.

community e-commerce Buy mode by capital sought after

B2C in order to obtain as everyone knows, a lot more orders, are constantly beautify their pages, in order to open the page to find a customer to buy the category, which is the general direction for the electronic commerce website. While the network is just the opposite of the jiapin. The United States Gilt website model from the network to share, with a membership club sales from Europe and a second tier international luxury fashion in the Internet business platform, buy global to the whole network lowest discount price of the famous fashion brands, such as Coach, Gucci and DKNY watches and handbags. And most of the members or friends invited or recommended by a cooperative website, such as from happy net, Renren, etc.

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