Actor Jessica founded infant electricity supplier Honest valuation of 1 billion 700 million

NetEase Francisco August 17th message, according to relevant sources, jointly established by the actress Jessica Alba’s baby products business to the new Honest to get $100 million financing, the company valuation reached $1 billion 700 million, up 50% over last year. According to Reuters reported last week, the company is preparing to seek a new round of financing of $2 billion valuation.

Jessica • in 2011 established a joint Honest, paper diapers and toothpaste and other non-toxic products. The Honest brand is popular among parents who worry that their children are exposed to too many chemicals.

2014 Honest sales of $170 million, compared with $6 million in 2013, a substantial increase. The company has 75% of the products sold on the Internet, most customers are ordering a monthly delivery of diapers and other products. At present, the company is also preparing to build 2500 physical retail stores.

, however, last year launched another Amazon paper to ensure that the material is completely transparent diapers brand, which makes Honest face a lot of competition pressure. This summer, there are consumers complain that Honest sunscreen has no effect, and upload photos of sunburn on social media as evidence. In this regard, Jessica • Alba responded that sunscreen through a wide range of national standards for third party testing".

Honest has raised $122 million from General Catalyst Partners and Institutional Venture Partners and other investors, the new round of financing investors have not yet determined. Honest co-founder and CEO Blaine ·, Lee said the company to prepare for the listing, to think and act like a listed company". (Meng Han)

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