80 Entrepreneurs a month in case of a target XX sad minon investment experience

      said to be ashamed of, after graduation in several companies on the class, the treatment is good, is the rhythm is too slow. So ruthless heart, decided to start their own business. The results toss for a few months, no improvement, the first venture failed. In desperation, had to wait for the opportunity to hibernate, coming out again. This does not, the bearish stock market ups and downs stop sea, I took a project to do poineering work the second times.
      this time I want to do is the domain name investment. This domain name investment, for the vast number of users, or a relatively unfamiliar term, but for those owners, the owner of the domain name (specializing in domain name transactions), but quite familiar with. In China, do domain name investment do best is energy-saving, is the first registered domain name Lenovo then returned the "expert", it is said that he founded the 265.com Google has been to the acquisition of money, not a few. In foreign countries, the legendary minon "God" is the one called Ye Yun Chinese, he registered a few years ago a domain name packaged for sale, selling price of $164 million, but today, his domain name every year to bring him tens of millions of dollars of revenue.
      Oh, it said so much, are nonsense, now. According to my condition, I have no money, no two resources, blindly do domain name investment must be a dead end. You know, in China, there are a lot of people to do the domain name investment, and can really make a lot of money less than 100 people. So, in the city before I made out, without a single success psychological preparation. In fact, the market (especially the domain name market) are integrated as the stock market and real estate market, money is not the most critical, the most critical is the correct method and original vision.
      after careful consideration, I looked for the suffix to.Cn domain name. There are three reasons: first, CN domain name registration fee for one year is 1 yuan, the investment cost is low; second, COM domain name has been registered in the essence of 99.9%, the market is already saturated; third, CN domain name of the saturation value at around 10 million, while the CN domain name has been registered less than 3 million that is very promising. To determine the direction, I began to operate.
      may be too sensitive, when I registered the domain name, his eyes always staring at the potential customers. So, unlike other minon is my first registered domain names are with "-" CN domain name, such as t-om.cn, m-op.cn, s-ohu.cn…… Why register these domains? The reason is very simple. What kind of domain worth, of course, is short, good to remember, it is best to have some practical significance. And the good ones

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