Cross border business travel problems to solve the problem of a strong connection

go on a business trip for a month, international roaming calls the Internet can spend much money in the end? The major domestic carriers roaming charges per minute from 0.99 to 39.99 yuan, while the flow rates even came 30 yuan flow pack day "news, people still prefer to buy the card. But still there are still a lot of problems: the destination number is difficult to notify everyone, Miss phone business, because of the change in numbers lead to miscommunication occurs; cut cards, card trouble, low repeated utilization ratio……



calls and network has become an indispensable in business, cross-border travel experience of international calls constraints has become a hot topic, if you can keep the original number at the same time, low cost and high utilization rate of the range of international calls, will greatly improve the efficiency of business cross-border travel, solve their problems has been plagued. Billion unique SoftSIM technology, to ensure a card in hand fun world, can achieve 125 of free internet access, eliminating in many countries need to constantly travel card, changing the card trouble, do international calls for free, call the concessions at the same time, make cross-border travel to realize low cost and high efficiency. "Million point connection" APP’s intention is to meet the rigid requirements of these cross-border travel.



billion connection" APP is divided into two sections: "international traffic" and "network", before going abroad, only need to enter the "network" plate, "open free answer", according to the guide function can be successfully activated, after going abroad, others can be free of charge to answer the call. "Million point connection" within the international credit standards is far lower than the domestic operators, now only in the application of certain prepaid calls, can be used in dial international telephone call number, the other side shows there is still the original user number. In addition, the international traffic, the function of this sector is also very strong, covering the global network, to ensure that users have a network anytime, anywhere.


obviously, only need to download a "million point connection" APP, can solve the cross-border travel almost all communication problems, it is no wonder that more and more business people started to use "million point connection", and even some international observers have also started to pay attention to the existence of "million point connection".

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