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– the new play secret

"double eleven" electric hard yell, "shuangshier" under the line of traditional businesses will become the protagonist. From the beginning of last year, Ali made the annual "shuangshier" is a line of holiday. "Time business using the Internet technology, the platform and the data feedback line began." Word of mouth network CEO Chi Chi said.

Carrefour young passenger group to enhance the flow of

restaurant turnover rate increased by

"this year twelve characteristics, not just a discount, but hope that consumers can see more business characteristics is what. At the same time, to help businesses operating consumers." Wang Lijuan, general manager of the company’s local department of life, told the Beijing morning news reporter, said.

in June this year, Alibaba group and ant financial services group jointly announced that the two sides jointly inject 6 billion yuan, the establishment of a local life service platform company reputation". In November this year, the reputation of the online platform open platform to businesses, service providers and third party developers fully open platform traffic, membership marketing, payment systems and big data operations.

in twelve, offline businesses feel the new play Internet style.

can provide data that Alipay’s reputation, twelve day, traffic increase at least 100% Carrefour stores. Through Alipay, Carrefour in the average age of young consumers aged 31 up to 18% people. Shanghai Wujiaochang Xibei village in the two hours of twelve noon, received a total of 500 tables, turn sets the rate reached 4, than the usual rate over Taiwan more than one. In Beijing, the Dongan market is located in the new 5 storey Xibei village also overcrowded. In front of the store, the red "shuangshier" Yilabao advertising attracted many passers-by stopped.

simplify payment process

checkout a savings of half a minute

in addition to focus on growth of passenger flow, convenience and low cost mobile phone payment also allows merchants to ride twelve.

access to Carrefour in Alipay, the average checkout time from a minute or so, now become 15 to 20 seconds, the efficiency increased about three times.

good neighbor staff also told reporters that the use of mobile payment, checkout speed much faster. Each pen can save half a minute."

Guangdong participated in twelve promotion in this year. Jindingxuan vice chairman Li Wang told reporters that in recent years, Guangdong large investment in the Internet, from the cash register system, the background of the logistics and procurement, including the central kitchen, store network signals have been transformed, invested about 3000000 yuan. "In the event, Alipay checkout accounted for nearly 50% of the amount of the bill. We have a lot of dim sum shops in the building, most young people are

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