A rebound in business logistics ten Tmall leveraging siege opponents

[introduction] as a Tmall once a year most important activities, Tmall began to start preparing for the day from two months ago. However, in addition to consumers, there are a lot of people may not sleep on the 11.11 day. But they are not in the carnival, but in a headache.


Tencent technology Zhu Xudong reported on November 6th

from Tmall 11.11 Shopping Festival has become increasingly close, Tmall’s campaign is more and more fierce.

, Tmall’s most important event of the year, Tmall began preparing for the day two months ago. Wang Yulei, vice president of Tmall, said: I hope consumers do not sleep at 11.11 carnival for 24 hours".

however, in addition to consumers, there are a lot of people may not sleep on the 11.11 day. But they are not in the carnival, but in a headache.

these people some Tmall businesses, they are trying to maximize the benefits of 11.11; and can not sleep is the express industry, 11.11 of them has caused tremendous pressure; and finally the competitors of Tmall in 11.11, they also have to.

Tmall Merchants: 11.11 is a gentle kidnapping

The success of

11.11 is closely related to the business. Tmall said that last year, eleven pairs of businesses to participate in the activities of about 2000, and this year reached more than 1.

but there are businesses that they are not willing to take the initiative to participate in 11.11, but some forced. Other businesses are doing activities, you do not have a lot of loss." Crown Ye shoes general manager Zhang Tao told the Tencent of science and technology.

Zhang Tao said, do not participate in the activities of the 11.11, then the day of their own shops will be affected. But more importantly, because 11.11 of the day’s sales accounting into the daily sales statistics, and sales will affect the store in the search rankings. In other words, if you miss 11.11 of the activities, the store will have a greater impact on the next flow.

but the general manager and flower shoes, dome Tian Trading Limited Huang Peng said that most of the businesses he understand or wish to participate in the activities of the 11.11 active. But Huang Peng said that they participate in 11.11 is not simply for the day’s sales, more hope is to participate in activities to get new users.

although 11.11 is a big promotion for consumers, but such a promotion is a burden on businesses. Many businesses have carried out a large number of 11.11 stocking, once the stock is too much or the wrong goods, it is easy to cause the seller to stock pressure. In particular, to participate in 11.11 of this year’s business is the last year of the times, the flow of traffic to a single shop is not sure, which makes the seller is also very important

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