YeePay President Tang Bin wireless payment late ten years

2010 China internet conference just ended in Beijing, once a year the Internet Conference is indeed leaving too many people fresh things here, those with a great reputation Internet bigwigs gathered together, they talk about the road of entrepreneurship, the future development about the Internet, mobile Internet on their eyes. The third party payment industry, has become the focus of attention in the general assembly. The reporter interviewed the domestic leading third party payment platform – YeePay President Tang Bin.

"Securities Daily": in recent years, the rapid development of e-commerce in China, the third party payment has gradually become a topic of concern, I would like to ask Tang Zong, how do you look at the prospects for the development of the third party payment industry?

Tang Bin: on the one hand, we are very concerned about e-commerce, on the other hand, there are many problems, but I think it is very normal. As long as the Internet will have to pay the transaction, so the payment is a reflection of the current status of the development of the internet. Electronic payment is a very new industry, is a basic thing that can affect every transaction, so we are very concerned about. In addition, in life, from small to large, can not be separated from the electronic payment, the development of the economy is also linked to electronic payments, therefore, the future development of China’s electronic payment business is very promising.

"Securities Daily": some time ago in the third party payment is not a very good event in the industry, is a fast money gambling issue, it has no effect on the payment industry? What do you think of


Tang Bin: dialectical view of this matter, on the one hand there is a transaction to pay, but the transaction is thousands of people, it is impossible to ensure that each transaction is completely legal compliance. Gambling phenomenon of electronic payment industry, from a certain angle can not be completely avoided. From another point of view, as an electronic payment companies are obliged to minimize the risk as much as possible. What do you do? On the one hand, to establish a set of internal operating norms, furthermore is to business strictly, then how is combined with some related organization such as the people’s Bank of China Banking Regulatory Commission or the relevant law enforcement agencies together to avoid the risk. In addition, the rapid development of the industry in the emergence of these gray events is also a stage in its development.

enterprise if it is known for, the nature is not the same. From the industry point of view, is a must go through this stage, from immature to mature to start, in the internal management of an enterprise, do business model matching problem, otherwise there will be problems.

"Securities Daily": YeePay with Alipay, fast money and other third party payment

what is the difference?

Tang Bin: Alipay because it relies on Taobao, most transactions are from the Taobao Taobao deal is over, the need to guarantee, so the essence of Alipay is to solve the security problems, YeePay because there is no Taobao such a business agent, so YeePay is taking another road, it is a big industry customers these large customers, there is no credibility, so.

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