Attack to grab double eleven jumei com layout of the whole service category

business enterprise entered the collective November madness, led by Ali "double eleven" pattern has changed, a veteran in battle the business giants, are no longer satisfied with the passive situation take a "free ride". The concern is the’s "double 11" will be a major change. The’s "double 11" will not be limited to the promotion of beauty brands, more will join clothing, baby, Home Furnishing open category, cross category group battle mode. Analysts pointed out that this may be a sign that whole category expansion force.


it is understood that the United States is expected to gather in the double eleven activities include men’s women’s clothing, bags accessories, maternal and child food, fashion shoes, outdoor sports category, such as the sale of the venue of the seven.

for the electricity supplier companies, platform, category expansion, one-stop service is a sign of maturity of the three carriages. In August this year, released after the listing of the first earnings report reveals the strategic plan for the future, focusing on branding force and category expansion, consolidate the operation mode of the "self + platform". From the statistical data, POP business continued to maintain rapid growth, and the first quarter of 2014, the United States POP GMV business has reached US $141 million, accounted for 30% of the sales platform. From the beginning of the first sale, completed the upgrade category expansion strategy.

according to the reporter, open platform (POP) business comprehensive on-line in July 2012, was originally the main single product sale, to December of the same year, revised for the brand sale, to adjust the strategy, extend the beauty category, mining market value and potential in a new category driven by new users. POP platform products related to clothing, jewelry, mother and child, sports, home and mobile electronic devices, etc.. Data show that currently users has reached 50 million, which accounted for more than 70% of female users.

poly beauty as a major cosmetic electronic business platform, small and beautiful market segments compared to the large and full platform, the ability to flow is the key to realize the advantages. Accurate user groups, steady improvement of traffic to attract a large number of third party business cooperation needs. To participate in the activities of the brand also includes eleven double for the first time on the business platform of science, and other international well-known products company.

industry believes that the POP platform model is light assets, deep Internet mode, that is, Tmall mall current commission model. There are advantages and disadvantages, POP open platform for partners to provide a platform, making electricity supplier companies can greatly expand the category, brand and number of goods. But compared to self POP platform, review and check the whole industry weakness.

According to

, relevant responsible person said, the United States beauty’s main business, mainly through the brand long-term cooperation mode official, official flagship store opened, in the code system, to ensure the authenticity. For the POP business, strictly control the quality, specification of the third party merchant qualification review, upgrade the whole category supply channel system, establish the electricity supplier industry service standards >

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